Our Partners

Meaningful partnerships are at the core of our community, which is why we proudly support 20+ elite sports teams and governing bodies with our raw turmeric shots.

Recovery Performance Immunity Energy

Leicester Tigers

As a professional sports club, we continually strive to provide our team with the best support possible. The Turmeric Co. is a great example of that, with a range of shots that benefit our players’ health and immune system to continuously perform to the highest standard throughout the season. We’re delighted to be partnered with The Turmeric Co. again for the 2021/22 season.

Mark Davies

Head of Business Development, Leicester Tigers


We are constantly striving to innovate and improve to achieve significant results. There are multiple strands to achieving peak athletic performance, with nutrition of the utmost importance. We are very excited to partner with The Turmeric Co., whose products will aid our players’ daily nutrition as we embark on our season in the Premier League.

Chris Haslam

Head of Athletic Performance at Brentford Football Club

Everton FC

We are delighted to welcome The Turmeric Co. to the club, not only for the benefit of our players, but also our supporters. The nutritional aspect of these shots is clear for all to see, and we see real lifestyle benefits for the user. We look forward to this here at Everton.

Lloyd Parker

Head of Nutrition, Everton Football Club

Celtic FC

Excellence in terms of nutrition is a crucial element in football in order to assist endurance, recovery as well as general health and performance, so we are pleased to be partnering with a leading organisation in this area. We really look forward to working together with The Turmeric Co. and their innovative practices.

Anton McElhone

Head of Sports Science, Celtic FC

Sale Sharks

The range of concentrated shots at The Turmeric Co. have been helping us with our recovery and immune protocols at Sale Sharks. The range offers the strongest measure of raw turmeric on the market and is mixed with some other beneficial raw ingredients such as beetroot, pomegranate and ginger.

The turmeric shots are available to all the players and the wider Club staff on a daily basis and the all round feedback has been outstanding.

Rick Swaby

Head of Strength and Conditioning, Sale Sharks

Millwall FC

We are delighted to partner with The Turmeric Co. The product is industry leading and is vital for the recovery of our First Team squad. We look forward to working with Thomas, Simon and their team moving forward.

Andrew Stead

Partnerships & Activations Manager, Millwall FC

We have been using the raw turmeric shots with our First Team squad this season to help improve both recovery and performance. The feedback from the players has been really positive, they also enjoy the taste and different flavours available to them.

Laurence Bloom

Head of Performance, Millwall FC

British Gymnastics

The health and wellbeing of an elite gymnast is paramount to maintaining training consistency, reducing time lost from training due to illness and injury, and optimising competition performance. As part of our health strategy and recovery strategy, we use The Turmeric Co. shots daily to provide a high quality, bioavailable source of curcumin and other polyphenols such as gingerols. Here at British Gymnastics, we follow a food first approach, so The Turmeric Co. shots fit really well with our ethos and being elite at a young age, these tasty shots are suitable for all our gymnasts to use.

Mhairi Keil

Senior Performance Nutritionist

Rotherham United

At Rotherham United, we require our players to perform physical outputs in matches that parallel and surpass some of the best teams in Europe, meaning our training methods must be appropriately programmed to prepare players for that intensity. One shot of the Raw Turmeric Vitamin C & D3 shot in the morning along with an original shot in the afternoon is a strategy that works very well for us in this case.

The Turmeric Co. have developed something really special here and I will ensure they remain within our provision.

Ross Burbeary

Performance and Medicine Manager, Rotherham United Football Club

Cardiff City

We are delighted to link up with The Turmeric Co. as a specialist nutrition partner for the club. The Turmeric Co.’s range of naturally sourced shots will undoubtedly aid with recovery. Since introducing them earlier this season, the shots have become a great addition to our performance nutrition provision.

Carl Serrant

Head of Fitness, Cardiff City

Salford Red Devils

The turmeric shots play a vital role within our nutritional strategy at Salford Red Devils. The range of shots The Turmeric Co. provide us with the perfect formula to promote recovery and performance within our athletes to meet the demands of training and competition. Alongside the performance benefits, the players love the taste and selection of flavours which is a massive bonus.

Gareth Whittaker

Head of Strength & Conditioning

English Institute of Sport

The English Institute of Sport (EIS) provides outstanding support services that enable sports and athletes to excel. We have a network of over 300 world-leading experts and practitioners in areas such as science, medicine, technology and innovation to help sports and athletes realise their potential.

The Performance Nutrition Team at the EIS provide nutrition support to over 40 high performance sports and operate at the forefront of performance nutrition. Our passion and drive is shared by The Turmeric Co., which is why we work closely with Thomas and the team, with a focus on research and increasing the understanding of turmeric’s impact on performance.

Peter Goldsmith

M2 Sports management, EIS

London Irish

We here at London Irish have been using The Turmeric Co. products since the start of pre-season and these have been very well received by players - especially the Raw Turmeric and Ginger shot. This is a product that we promote during periods of high stress for the players.

Brian O’Leary

Head of Performance, London Irish Rugby Club

Swansea City

The Turmeric Co. will aid our players’ holistic health and be part of their daily nutrition, and we look forward to working with The Turmeric Co. for the long-term.

Rebecca Edwards-Symmons

Head of Commercial, Swansea City

Plymouth Argyle

We are excited to welcome The Turmeric Co. to our list of partners at Argyle, and we look forward to working with them in the coming years. This is a very exciting partnership for us, not least because it provides an instant and tangible benefit for our first team, but also because we are teaming up with an innovative brand in the early stages of their journey.

James Greenacre

Head of Commerical Operations, Plymouth Argyle

Haverfordwest County AFC

We are delighted to be associated with such a respected brand and join the growing list of football clubs taking advantage of this innovative product, and we look forward to the benefits of this partnership on all levels.

Rob Edwards

Haverfordwest County AFC chairman

St Helens

The inclusion of this highly regarded product as part of the team’s performance programme will be great addition. The range of The Turmeric Co. shots will be used for both preparation and recovery of the playing squad.

The movement and contact demands of our game means that the properties of the shots will assist players through a very busy fixture schedule.

Matt Daniels

Head of Strength and Conditioning, St Helens R.F.C

Wigan Warriors

We are excited to partner with The Turmeric Co. and to integrate their range of products into our performance programme for the benefit of our players. The Turmeric Co.’s fantastic range of products are used throughout the training week to support recovery.

This is even more pertinent this season with an intense schedule of fixtures resulting in shorter turnarounds and even more pressures on our players.

The players have had access to The Turmeric Co. products for over a month, with really strong feedback so we look forward to working closely with the company to build a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.

Darren Marsh

Head of Nutrition, Wigan Warriors

Crystal Palace Women

The Turmeric Co.’s shots will contribute to our players ability – from active recovery to training and match exertion - and as part of their nutritional planning. This will help them to cope with the demands of the season.

Dr. Andrew Greene

Head of Performance at Crystal Palace Women

Ealing Trailfinders

The turmeric shots are used daily at the training ground as part of players’ nutrition plans. They are great for our players because they contain fresh ingredients. Players take these first thing in the morning before breakfast at the club and also use their own supplies at home on rest days.

Rebecca Townsend

Lead Performance Nutritionist at ETRC

SW7 Academy

SW7 Academy’s mission is to bring elite level training to the masses, so joining forces with The Turmeric Co. who provide an unrivalled product which will greatly benefit our members health & well being is a fantastic opportunity for us. Thomas and I feel very fortunate that our backgrounds in professional sport has educated us on the importance of health & wellbeing, and being able to share this knowledge with a wider community together makes this a fantastic partnership.

Sam Warburton OBE

SW7 Academy founder