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  • Vicky Newbold

    Performance Nutritionist

    U.K. Sports Institute

    The absorption rate of turmeric is considered to be relatively low when consumed on its own. Absorption rates may be increased when consumed with other bioactive ingredients such as black pepper.

  • Mike Naylor

    Head of Performance Nutrition

    U.K. Sports Institute

    As a nutrition team, at the U.K. Sports Institute we work back from performance, understanding what specific athletes are trying to achieve and how can nutrition contribute towards solutions to make a difference, and for some of these solutions, turmeric may make a difference which is why we partner with The Turmeric Co.

  • Chris Haslam

    Head of Athletic Performance


    We are constantly striving to innovate and improve to achieve significant results. There are multiple strands to achieving peak athletic performance, with nutrition of the utmost importance. We are very excited to partner with The Turmeric Co., whose products will aid our players’ daily nutrition as we embark on our season in the Premier League.

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