Here at The Turmeric Co., we’re excited to announce that we are now an official nutrition partner of Leicester Tigers. This new partnership will see us supply the Leicester Tigers team and staff with the full range of our turmeric shots and we hope that they’ll soon experience the benefits both on and off the field. 

Founded in 1880, the Leicester Tigers have been playing rugby union for well over a century and currently play in Premiership Rugby, England’s top division. In their long history, the Tigers have earned a reputation for continued improvement, with legendary star players such as Dean Richards, Martin Johnson and Neil Back finding their home in the team over the years. 

With loyal fans and an incredible community outreach foundation, the Tigers are a true force to be reckoned with.

At The Turmeric Co. we are honoured to be associated with the Leicester Tigers. While all contact ball sports come with the risk of injury, it is the endlessly popular sport of rugby that is considered the roughest, with common injuries ranging from minor muscular aches and pains to severe ligament damage and broken bones. In these types of sports, where injuries can damage a club’s chances of winning leagues, a well-managed nutritional plan is hugely important - that’s where we come in.

The Turmeric Co. is built on the belief that a healthy respect for the importance of nutrition is vital to all sports, exercise and general health. The founder of our company, Thomas Hal-Robson Kanu, himself credits Turmeric with helping him recover from a serious sporting injury. 

Commenting on the new partnership between The Turmeric Co. and Leicester Tigers, Thomas said: “I understand first-hand the difference that nutrition can make in enhancing athletic performance and maintaining good health. This partnership is another exciting and progressive step for everyone at The Turmeric Co. I am looking forward to seeing the impact our range can have on not only on the Leicester Tigers team, but also the supporters who will benefit from the product immensely.”

The nutritionist for Leicester Tigers expressed a similar sentiment, agreeing that: “With beneficial anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the turmeric shots are used by our players regularly to enhance recovery and support a healthy immune system. Turmeric has certainly grown in popularity in recent years, across all sports, and is widely-used.”

With our extensive and highly-regarded range of products such as the Original Raw Turmeric Shot, the Raw Turmeric and Ginger Shot and the Raw Turmeric and Beetroot Shot, we are experts in how everyone can benefit from turmeric root. From enhancing athletic performance at all levels, to maintaining good health, to aiding the recuperation of muscle soreness - the positive effects of our powerful turmeric shots are astounding. 

We are grateful to our new partners the Leicester Tigers for this exciting new opportunity, and we are extremely proud of our association with them. 

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