It’s no secret – turmeric is packed with benefits for the mind and body alike. However, what many users don’t realise is that the way you consume your turmeric – as well as what you take it with – can heavily impact on how significant its effects are.

One of the most important factors for any sensible turmeric user to consider, is the form they’re taking it in. In this article, we’re going to walk you through pills, powders and extracts, and explain how taking turmeric in this format might be preventing you from experiencing the full power of this wonderful root. Read on to find out more.


Turmeric Pills and Powders – are they worth it?

Turmeric pills are the most widely available form of turmeric on the shelves. This is because they make it super easy to get turmeric into your daily routine. Simply pop a few pills in the morning with your breakfast and that’s it, you’re good to go. Simple as that, right?


Turmeric powders are also popular amongst users who want their daily dose but aren’t fans of swallowing large pills. With a powder, you can add a scoop to a glass of juice or to any meal – a lovely flavour to add to a great home-cooked dish. 

However, sitting ambient in a warehouse or a supermarket shelf unsurprisingly doesn’t do much good for our beloved turmeric. This is why, in pill and powder format, turmeric loses much of its nutritional benefit.

Powdered forms of turmeric especially, often have quality issues. It doesn’t matter how much you take – if the powder has come from a sub-par crop or has been produced with wasteful refinement methods, you’re not going to be getting the full bang for your buck.

This is where it becomes easy to put a low-quality product’s ineffectiveness down to turmeric not working for you – which is often not the case. 

It’s them, not you!


Liquid Turmeric Shots are Your Best Bet

If you want to get the most possible benefit from your turmeric, turmeric in liquid form is well worth the extra investment.

Are we just saying that because we make cold pressed turmeric shots? Partly, yes. 

But whilst the human body only takes in 39-53% of pills and powders, research has shown that it can absorb up to 98% of liquids. As a result, your experience of taking dried turmeric vs. it in its liquid form really is as clear as night and day. Just see what our customers have to say! For a full comparison between liquid turmeric, pills, oils, food and raw turmeric, read our in-depth blog on the best way to take turmeric

Our shots make it easy to implement into your daily wellness routine. Check out the range and find the right box for your needs now.