New Turmeric
Vitamin C & D3 shot

Discover the world’s first Vitamin C and D3 formula, combined in a single shot!

Packed with Vitamin C (1,000mg), Vitamin D3 (3,000iu) and raw turmeric, this potent formula is designed to support immunity, fight fatigue, and help aches and pains all year round.

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More than passion

A recipe enhanced year on year through a unique extraction technique, eliminated dilution of the incredible active ingredients delivering enriched nutritional properties. A process where these extracts are blended with other natural super foods, makes a delicious finishing product that is 100% bioavailable.

The Turmeric Co soon became an aid for Hal, his whole family and close friends, helping them feel more energised through natural nutrition, all whilst enabling him to return to his professional football career stronger and healthier than ever before!

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The Turmeric Co.

The best days start naturally

If your week is dominated by early starts, late finishes and energy-sapping commutes, it can be hard to sustain healthy levels of physical and mental wellbeing. Our 100% natural turmeric shots are designed to seamlessly fit into your busy lifestyle, giving you the boost that you need with zero hassle.

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