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The Most Powerful Turmeric Shot Available

Revolutionary Turmeric Products, Feel Natures Power From Within, Endorsed and Used By Elite Level Athletes, Get Involved, Feel The Difference

Try our turmeric shots with our Signature Starter Box

The perfect introduction to our turmeric shots. A selection of the entire range; containing 3 shots of the original remedy, 2 turmeric shots infused with ginger and 2 turmeric shots infused with coconut, this box will make you a turmeric convert in no time!


What's in the Starter Box?

The Original

QTY: 3

Infused With Ginger

QTY: 2

Infused with Coconut

QTY: 2

Build Your Own Box

For those who know what they want. We like you! Mix and match your favourite shots; choose up to 20 shots from our entire range. Order as a one-off or subscribe to have delivered weekly, either on a Tuesday or Thursday, straight to your door.

from £18.00

Reasons To Drink Turmeric

A natural immune booster, enhancing your energy levels, mood and over all wellbeing

Fights toxins and inflammation in the body, helping to reduce pain from injury as well as joint pain from Arthritis

Helps fight the flu and other common colds, Can dramatically reduce the risk of cancer

Helps lower blood pressure and balance cholesterol levels

All our shots include piperine extract, helping to enhance the absorption of Curcumin by 2000%

Our shots are 100% fresh and never powdered - This means you receive the highest quality product without losing any of the turmeric’s root incredible nutritional properties

Raw Turmeric


Put the powder down and pick up the real deal. Our 250 g bags of fresh, raw turmeric root are packed full of nutritional benefits. Peel it, chop it, grate it and start swapping the powder for the fresh stuff. Check out our (blog/youtube?) for a whole host of delicious recipe ideas you can try at home yourself!

£4.95 per 250g