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At The Turmeric Co we produce a unique range of delicious turmeric shots; developed over a decade, each shot provides a combination of nature's most powerful fresh ingredients.

The Turmeric Co.

The Turmeric Co.

A recipe enhanced year on year through a unique extraction technique, eliminated dilution of the incredible active ingredients delivering enriched nutritional properties. A process where these extracts are blended with other natural super foods, makes a delicious finishing product that is 100% bioavailable.

The Turmeric Co soon became an aid for Hal, his whole family and close friends, helping them feel more energised through natural nutrition, all whilst enabling him to return to his professional football career stronger and healthier than ever before!

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Finally found it!

After searching for a quality turmeric supplement shot I’m really happy I have found The Turmeric Co! Every supermarket would have low quality Turmeric and Ginger shots made with 95% Apple juice which is so annoying.

My knee injury has already improved. Also my immune system feel stronger and my skin is clearer. Thanks guys!!

Trusted UK based shots

To find a company who know to include Pepper with Turmeric was so refreshing! I made my order and it arrived the very next day. It’s just as good as shots we get abroad. Tastes fantastic and are loving the health benefits. This company are also super responsive and kind which makes all the difference!

Make These Part Of Your Daily Routine!

I can't recommend these shots highly enough & customer service is excellent. If your looking to start improving your health in the new year, make sure these shots are part of your plan!

Magic turmeric shots

Truly amazed at the power of these shots, I’m almost scratching my head and thinking, what could the ‘magic’ secret ingredient could be? There isn’t one of course and it’s just the power of the combined ingredients - a “natural high” - genuinely remarkable.

Amazing product

Turmeric is very hard to make taste nice, these shots tick all the boxes, taste is great, my back pain disappears, overall an outstanding product. A++++

Amazing Results

As a result I’ve found myself back in the gym after a seven year absence due to a very nasty emergency appendectomy (Xmas 2012) and ran 5km on the treadmill for the first time in 7 years (41.18 mins). Nagging aches and pains have literally disappeared now. Amazing and will be ordering more every month.


I cannot recommend these shots enough!.. I've tried many different types of turmeric products on the market (including other brand shots and capsules) and nothing comes close to how effective these amazing little shots are. They have dramatically helped my recovery times between workouts, my immune system feels stronger than ever and they taste incredible. So glad I found them. Thank you!!

Awesome turmeric!!!

I started taking turmeric about two weeks ago and I must say feel a lot better in myself, my immune system was far from great but I feel much better in just two weeks unbelievable how a little product can improve so much in so little time

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