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The Most Powerful Turmeric Shot Available

Revolutionary Turmeric Products, Feel Natures Power From Within, Endorsed and Used By Elite Level Athletes, Get Involved, Feel The Difference

Try our turmeric shots with our Signature Starter Box

The perfect introduction to our turmeric shots. A selection of the entire range; containing 3 shots of the original remedy, 2 turmeric shots infused with ginger and 2 turmeric shots infused with coconut, this box will make you a turmeric convert in no time!


What's in the Starter Box?

The Original

QTY: 3

Infused With Ginger

QTY: 2

Infused with Coconut

QTY: 2

Build Your Own Box

For those who know what they want. We like you! Mix and match your favourite shots; choose up to 20 shots from our entire range. Order as a one-off or subscribe to have delivered weekly, either on a Tuesday or Thursday, straight to your door.

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Reasons To Drink Turmeric

A natural immune booster, enhancing your energy levels, mood and over all wellbeing

Fights toxins and inflammation in the body, helping to reduce pain from injury as well as joint pain from Arthritis

Helps fight the flu and other common colds, Can dramatically reduce the risk of cancer

Helps lower blood pressure and balance cholesterol levels

All our shots include piperine extract, helping to enhance the absorption of Curcumin by 2000%

Our shots are 100% fresh and never powdered - This means you receive the highest quality product without losing any of the turmeric’s root incredible nutritional properties

The Why and How?

We created a powerful super blend, combining the freshest ingredients with the most effective health benefits. Our shots are packed full of all of the magical healing properties found in turmeric. All the ingredients in our shots have been carefully selected for their nutritional benefits; with 5g of turmeric per shot, our unique blend is bursting with not just flavour but also vital antioxidants. We’re confident our shots will soon become an integral part of your diet and fitness regime.

The Turmeric Co. is a range of incredibly healthy shot drinks. They have been perfected after 10 years worth of development and created to enhance your health and boost your immune system! The Turmeric Co. offers natural blends of fresh and organic ingredients, made with our unique extraction process, ensuring the purist liquid form available.

Turmeric contains a powerful compound called Curcumin, which studies show has dramatic benefits to our health. A natural anti-inflammatory makes it an instant alternative to synthetic drugs and traditional medication. It helps fight infection, reduce inflammation and boost your immune system- An absolute must-have for a truly healthy lifestyle.

Every ingredient that’s blended with the Turmeric is handpicked, natural and fresh. This means you’re getting the very best from their nutritious properties that hugely contribute to your well-being.
  • Watermelon – Our base ingredient. Also known as one of nature’s most powerful hydrators.
  • Pomegranate – This powerful ingredient contains more anti-oxidants per gram than almost any other fruit!
  • Pineapple – Great for the digestive system as well as a natural anti-ager.
  • Lemon – A natural preservative.
  • Piperine extract – Black pepper increases the absorption of Curcumin in our bodies by 2000%. Its an essential addition to our shots and makes them 100% bioavailable.
You can read more on the health benefits of each ingredient by clicking here.

We never add any artificial preservatives, sugars or sweeteners. You’re in good hands!

We recommend taking the shots first thing in the morning before eating so your body can full absorb the nutrients in our shots. Our shots are also great post-workout to speed up your recovery time. Enjoy Natures Remedy to give your immune system an added boost.

Each one of our ingredients is a natural anti-inflammatory, so if you have general pain or an ailment such as arthritis, fatigue, or even an acute injury, our Turmeric drinks are a must. It was one of the reasons our founders created The Turmeric Co. They are still drinking the shots religiously to this day.

We recommend starting off with one shot per day.

If you are suffering from ailments and feel you need something to improve your health in general, you can easily increase the amount of shots you consume per day. One of the founders drinks 3 shots per day. Most people spend £3-4 on a coffee in the morning, and the same again in the afternoon. We recommend you try and replace that with a simple Turmeric shot to give you enhanced energy through natural nutrition.

As soon as you take a fresh root and turn it into powder, you compromise the incredible nutritional properties of the root. This means by consuming our shots, you are getting the purist liquid form available and will therefor feel the true benefits that Turmeric has to offer.

The recommended daily amount of powdered Turmeric consumption is around 10 grams. This varies based on your lifestyle and physical activity. However, this means that you can comfortably consume 1-2 60ml bottles per day.

If you want to feel the true benefits from Turmeric then this simply isn’t enough. You will be consuming the powdered Turmeric form, which compromises the nutritional properties of the root. The amount of Turmeric within your tea / latte will be miniscule (10-50mg). Our shots contain 5 whole grams of 100% raw, fresh, organic and bioavailable Turmeric in every single bottle. You will feel the difference.

Raw Turmeric


Put the powder down and pick up the real deal. Our 250 g bags of fresh, raw turmeric root are packed full of nutritional benefits. Peel it, chop it, grate it and start swapping the powder for the fresh stuff. Check out our (blog/youtube?) for a whole host of delicious recipe ideas you can try at home yourself!

£4.95 per 250g