Coffee. What a way to start the day.

A caffeine kick is crucial to the nation’s morning routine, but how could we spice, or sweeten, it up?

Here are 5 of our favourite ways to do exactly that, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

  • Cinnamon

    Adding in about half of a cinnamon stick in with a serving size of dry coffee grounds is a great way to boost the flavour of the coffee. Sweet and spicy is a fantastic combination and always ensures a good mood to start the day. If you only have ground cinnamon, you’ll only need to add around a quarter of a tea spoon.

    Cinnamon is great for supplying antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and lowering blood sugar levels.

    • Mint

    An ingredient more commonly found in tea, but also fantastic in your morning coffee. 

    For a touch of refreshment, add a mint leaf or two to your usual brew.

    Mint is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, great for digestion, relieves headaches… and it doesn’t matter if you’ve already brushed your teeth.

    • Butter + coconut oil

      We know how this sounds, so bare with us…

      Specifically, you’ll need 1-2 tbsp grass-fed unsalted butter or ghee, and start with 1 tsp coconut oil (which can slowly be built up to 2 tbsp). Add these to your usual coffee brew and you’ve got yourself the powerhouse of coffee – Keto-friendly, too. If you’ve never heard of ghee, welcome to better homemade curries –don’t forget the turmeric.

      Also packed with energising, antioxidant properties to keep your body on its toes.

      • Ginger

        Like it spicy? Add a subtle sprinkle or toss in a teaspoon of freshly ground ginger to the dry coffee grounds for a delicious kick in your coffee – the quantity is completely at your discretion.

        Ginger is great for treating nauseousness, morning sickness, indigestion, muscle soreness and much more. Enjoy this tongue-tingling delight!

        • Turmeric

          For all of its bright showmanship when it comes to its appearance, turmeric is a fairly mild spice that generally plays well with other flavour profiles. Hence its newfound popularity in elixirs, golden milk, and yes, coffee. Even if you think you haven't ever had a taste of turmeric, you likely have.

          With thousands of years of experience under its belt, the curcumin in turmeric has a plethora of health benefits. These include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, lowered risk of heart disease, and fights degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. 

          Coffee might be quick and easy, but it isn’t the only way to get a convenient dose of turmeric into your system. Check out our range of cold-pressed turmeric shots now and start experiencing the benefits for yourself!