The benefits of fresh ginger

So much of our health and wellness can come from what we eat, but are we eating the right things? We all know that fruit and vegetables are our bodies’ best friends, but there is so much more out there to add into your diet – like ginger! Have you ever considered the purported turmeric and ginger benefits for your health, or even those of turmeric, ginger, and black pepper combined? If not, you’ll be tempted to give them a try in your recipes after this article.

We’re going to take you through why you should consider adding ginger into your diet, from its reported health benefits to just how easily you can make it a part of your daily routine.

Ginger and antioxidants

Is fresh ginger good for you? Well, let’s get scientific. Your body is constantly forming free radicals - unstable molecules that can cause harm to your healthy cells. However, free radicals also serve a purpose in your system.

Antioxidants help to keep free radicals in check, which is why you need to maintain a balance between the two for your system to continue operating at its optimum. This is where ginger can come in handy!

One of the health benefits of fresh ginger is that it contains gingerol. A favourite of alternative wellness teachings, gingerol is the bioactive compound in ginger and it has powerful antioxidant effects, according to studies.

This means doses of ginger could, over time, help to reduce free radicals in your system by supporting the production of antioxidants in your body.

Ginger and the immune system

One of the most well-known health benefits of ginger supported by scientific studies is that it supports the immune system. This is partly because of gingerol!

A weakened immune system naturally leads to an increased vulnerability and potential increased frequency in catching these common, yet frustrating ailments.

Therefore, eating fresh ginger benefits, or can fortify, your immune system by giving it some much-needed support. The gingerol contained within the root is said to be a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to have antibacterial and antiviral properties.

So, is ginger healthy for you? Well, so far, it’s looking good.

Image of ginger seasoning

Ginger and nausea

Many ‘tummy teas’ – or digestive teas for soothing an upset tummy – contain ginger. We’ve got the ultimate recipe inspiration for a turmeric and ginger drink,  so you can get creative in the kitchen in the name of gut health!

Find out more ways how ginger can supercharge your day.

Turmeric and ginger benefits – a powerful pairing

Mixing ginger and turmeric makes for a powerful pairing, as it has been suggested that they are able to contribute towards easing common complaints.

Turmeric, ginger and black pepper

 Turmeric and ginger benefits are often complement each other. Taking turmeric and ginger together can help to support a healthy diet and lifestyle. They’re both popular components for wellness and lifestyle products, like our own turmeric and ginger shot.

The ingredient that we and many scientists swear by in the turmeric, ginger, and black pepper trifecta is the latter. Black pepper, which contains piperine, has been shown to increase curcumin absorption by up to 2000%. This means it’s better absorbed by your system, so it’s easier for you to reap the reported turmeric and ginger benefits.

Ginger root and raw root vegetables

How to incorporate ginger into your diet

Whether you’re wondering how to take a ginger shot, or simply looking for tips on how to cook with fresh ginger – we’ve got you covered.

Cooking with fresh ginger

Cooking with fresh ginger is easy, especially if you’re a fan of East Asian recipes like pad thai and noodle dishes. Chop up fresh ginger with chili and garlic and you’ll have a zingy and zesty seasoning base to fry your meat and veg in before adding your carbs like rice. Of course, you can also enjoy ginger in sweet dishes as well as savoury, like ginger ice cream or in cakes.

Ginger is a spicy root vegetable, so peel it and chop it to season your recipes. If you’re looking at experimenting in the kitchen and want to make sure your cupboards and fridge are stocked with natural goodness, then you’ll need these Turmeric Co. approved healthy root vegetables to cook with.

Turmeric and ginger drinks

There are a few easy ways of taking ginger and turmeric together, but our favourite is in a turmeric and ginger drink. One of the most popular is the ginger, lemon and cayenne shot, which you can make at home following our recipe.

If you’re partial to a hot turmeric and ginger drink over a cold one, then try a creamy turmeric latte. Our recipe uses cinnamon as well as our own turmeric and ginger shot, so it’s extra warming and zingy - perfect for those cosy and rainy afternoons.

Turmeric water is also a drink we’ve encountered; you take a teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix it into a glass of cold water, and that’s literally it. Now, this might be an acquired taste (or a pinch-your-nose-and-drink approach), but we’re partial to our shots

Not only are our turmeric and ginger shots refreshing and tasty, but they also contain black pepper extract. This, as we know, aids in the curcumin absorption in your gut, so you’re far more likely to absorb the active ingredient curcumin as well as reaping the benefits of fresh ginger, rather than simply drinking dried turmeric powder mixed into water. We may be biased, but we know which we’d prefer to kick-start our morning with…

So, is fresh ginger good for you? Of course it is! Like all root vegetables, ginger is good for you and contributes to a healthy lifestyle, along with a balanced diet and exercise. Not only that, but it tastes great!

Our turmeric and ginger shots make it easy for you to enjoy the two ‘super roots’ every morning and build on the incremental benefits of fresh ginger. Simply shop with us today, refrigerate your shots, take one each morning on an empty stomach and enjoy!

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