What is High Pressure Processing and How Does it Work?

Here at The Turmeric Co., we are always searching for the most innovative, scientific ways to ensure our products are the best they can possibly be – and allow our customers to reap the benefits, of course! Aside from ensuring that all of our ingredients are delivered in the most bioavailable form, we also want to keep them fresh for as long as possible, so you can stock up on a two-week, or one month supply without having to worry about your shots spoiling.

That’s where High Pressure Processing, or HPP comes in. So if you’ve ever wondered how we manage to keep our products fresh without the need for any additives or chemicals, we’ve got all of the information for you.

What is High Pressure Processing?

HPP High Pressure Processing is a preservation technique used in food and drink manufacturing.

High Pressure Processing is particularly useful for raw, fresh products, such as our Raw Turmeric Shots, negating the need for any artificial additives or heat processing – which is something we feel very passionate about here at The Turmeric Co.

high pressure processing

We pride ourselves on creating the most innovative, health-boosting shots using only the finest ingredients, so we would never use any artificial additives in order to preserve our shots. Additionally, heat processing would kill some of the live enzymes in our shots, meaning they wouldn’t be as effective.

However, High Pressure Processing is carried out at room temperature, so we’re able to ensure that our raw product remains fresh and safe to drink, without compromising on our core values.

How Does High Pressure Processing Work?

Now you know what HPP is and why we use it for our shots, you might be wondering how exactly it works to preserve our tasty products.

The HPP process is really quite straightforward. First, our shots are loaded into a protective vessel and then placed into a Hiperbaric HPP machine. Water is then pumped into the vessel, creating an immense amount of hydrostatic pressure, which acts uniformly throughout our products.

how does high pressure processing work

This pressure is what inactivates any microorganisms, without impacting on the quality of the product. Once the pressure has been applied for a few minutes, the vessel is depressurised, and the water is drained.

Once they’ve been unloaded, our products are ready for their labels and can be shipped off to our customers! 

If you’ve ever wondered how we can ensure the safety and taste of our products, all whilst avoiding any unnatural preservatives or additives, then the secret is out! So you can enjoy your delicious Raw Turmeric Shots safe in the knowledge that we’ve employed some of the most scientific processes to create them.

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