Working from home is something many of us have become accustomed to now.

As fantastic as it sounds in the beginning, we’ve all realised how many distractions we’re faced with in the home environment. 

Without the transition from home to office, it can be difficult to switch from rest to work mode.

Of course, brain fog exists in the office too – but it seems to be more prevalent when the lines between work and play are blurred. 

Caused by a number of things including stress, altered sleep patterns and a change in diet – here’re 5 quick tips for busting work-from-home brain fog.


  • Get more sleep

    With no travel times, it’s easier to find yourself sleeping in more and working a little later. This slowly pushes your sleep schedule back more and more until you find yourself struggling to wake up at a reasonable time.

    Tiredness is probably the most likely cause of your brain fog, so the sooner you can eliminate this issue, the sooner the cognitive clarity can return.


    • Get more exercise

      Expending as much energy as you can throughout the day means more rest is required. It doesn’t need to be a marathon – try an hour’s walk before the sun goes down. This will make your sleep more restful.


      • Engage in brain exercises

        Jigsaws, quiz apps, learning a new language… there are many ways to exercise the brain. 

        Not only do these keep your brain sharp and active, but they also help fend off degenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s


        • Keep hydrated

          The brain is made up of around 75% water. Your choice of liquid consumption is crucial to your brain’s hydration levels.

          Caffeine is a diuretic – meaning it increases the need to urinate. Increased urination means an increased need to hydrate. Coffee may increase your focus for a short period of time, but the crash is impending.

          The same applies to alcohol – except that crash is a little heavier!

          Water on the other hand not only directly hydrates the brain, but is used to deliver nutrients directly to the brain and remove toxins.


          • Healthier diet and supplements

          It’s very tempting to order from the ever-expanding food delivery service industry – but generally it’s more difficult to find a nutritious meal this way.

          The lunch prep routine has gone out the window, and visiting a shop is a bit of a pain right now with one-in-one-out queues still popping up at the supermarkets.

          To avoid brain fog, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the vitamins your brain needs, such as B-12 from meats, nuts, eggs and dairy.

          As well as a basic diet, consuming supplements like turmeric that have anti-inflammatory properties are a great way to keep a clear mind. Any pain or autoimmune conditions can lead to inflammation on the brain, which sure enough is going to cause you mental sluggishness. 

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