The Turmeric Co. are excited to announce their partnership with Premier Sports Network. This new venture will see both parties work closely to communicate the benefits of natural functional nutrition to athletes.


A meaningful partnership

As an internationally capped elite athlete, The Turmeric Co. founder, Thomas 'Hal’ Robson-Kanu, is well aware of the importance of good health. After suffering from career-halting injuries at a young age, Thomas realised the value that natural nutrition can offer in terms of recovery and performance.


Seeing an opportunity to positively impact the lives of others, Thomas launched The Turmeric Co. in 2018 as a commitment to bring good health through natural nutrition beyond that of friends and family. Healthy lifestyle choices became a personal commitment to Thomas, and The Turmeric Co. is an extension of that.


The benefits of turmeric

The Turmeric Co. is now one of the UK's fastest-growing natural nutrition brands, with their unique range of raw turmeric shots offering convenient functional nutrition to all. In collaboration with Premier Sports Network, the benefits of raw turmeric root will be introduced to athletes across the globe to promote healthier lifestyles. Thomas will also actively be involved in Premier Sports Network’s education division to share his own experiences and guide young athletes in their ventures outside of sport. 



Kai McKechnie, Head of Marketing at Premier Sports Network, said: “With athlete welfare central to Premier Sports Network’s core values, we are looking forward to working closely with The Turmeric Co. to communicate the benefits that the root can have on performance, energy levels and recovery. We are also excited to welcome Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu as an ambassador for PSN Education to inspire the next generation of athletes on health, nutrition, and dual careers.”


Thomas Hal Robson-Kanu, Founder of The Turmeric Co., said: “When it comes to partnerships, building meaningful relationships should be at the forefront of all decision making; it is so important to set a standard for future generations. We are delighted to be helping Premier Sports Network to further educate their clients on the benefits of natural nutrition.”


Thomas Robson-Kanu

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