Vitamin D is everywhere. 

It rains down on us in sunshine and has even found its way into our favourite cereals – that now come with “added Vitamin D.” 

Even though it’s all around us – although perhaps less so in the UK(!) – most of us slip into a Vitamin D deficiency. It might not be noticeable, but if you want to keep your body fighting fit, it’s something you’ll want to address.

In this article, we’re going to serve up 4 core reasons why vitamin D is important, so you can focus on getting more into your daily diet.


What are the daily recommended values for Vitamin D?


Wondering how much Vitamin D you should be getting each day? 

The NHS recommends that both adults and children should consider taking a supplement containing 10mcg per day to help avoid unpleasant symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.


4 reasons Vitamin D is vital to your quality of life


1. It helps prevent the winter blues

Find yourself feeling down during the colder months? It could be down to vitamin D deficiency.

During the other seasons, we tend to spend more time in the sun which, as we all know, is a top way our bodies produce Vitamin D.

However, shorter days and colder temperatures mean most of us spend less time in the sunshine. So, if you’re suffering from the winter blues, increase your Vitamin D intake and you should find yourself feeling brighter!


2. It plays a vital role in digestive health

Suffer from frequent acid reflux or irritable bowel syndrome? If you’ve cut down on unhealthy food and drink to no avail, it could be worth upping your Vitamin D intake to recommended levels.

Vitamin D deficiency has been strongly linked to gastrointestinal conditions like IBS, and studies have shown that getting your daily dose of Vitamin D can significantly improve symptoms.


3. It maintains proper muscle function

Not getting the right levels of Vitamin D? Your muscles are going to let you know about it!

Aching and muscular weakness are known symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency and can worsen over time if your diet isn’t corrected. By consuming Vitamin D rich foods on a regular basis, this can be easily avoided.


4. It helps keep your immune system in check

Find yourself feeling run down and picking up bugs?

Studies have found Vitamin D deficiency to be present in a significant number of people suffering with autoimmune disease

Vitamin D is thought to prime the immune system’s T cells to combat illness, so hitting your daily recommended values could help keep you fighting fit.  


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