Health, wellbeing, and the environment are always at the forefront of our minds at The Turmeric Co. In a society that is hyper-conscious of what we’re eating and where it’s coming from, the newest cornerstone of health has become organic vitamins and supplements, one of which is organic turmeric.

Following the rise of conscious eating, balanced diets, and environmental responsibility, supplementary products with a green footprint have soared in popularity. We’re really excited about this, because it means so many more people are taking an active interest in what they put into their body and what we put into the world.

This Mother Earth Day let’s take a closer look at organic vitamins, organic turmeric and curcumin, and just why this is so beneficial for the environment.


Organic vitamins and foods are our new best friends 

Globally, the organic food market has swelled, with the UK’s market value rising by 12.6% from 2019, which is its biggest year-on-year increase in 15 years at an incredible total of £2.79 billion. We’re all head over heels for leafy greens that haven’t been touched by chemicals, making for much more environmentally cleaner food.


Quick question: what does organic food mean?

‘Organic food’ means that your fresh product has been grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, and fertilisers that aren’t natural. Food listed as ‘organic’ includes 90% of its ingredients being so, and ‘made from organic’ means at least 75% of the ingredients are.

 Organic vitamins and leafy greens

The environment, meeting demand, and where it all began 

Scientists estimate that the 1830s was the time frame when humans officially began influencing the climate and the environment, so it’s been a part of the modern day’s origin story for over a century. This was the birth of the Industrial Revolution in Britain, when we became an industry-driven country that just wanted to produce, produce, produce. This is something that has continued to feed into our markets with the use of chemicals and fertilisers to artificially accelerate food growth to cater for demand, but does this take its toll on our environment?


Why organic food is better for the environment:

When comparing organic food to non-organic, organic is far healthier for the environment.

The use of growth-aiding chemicals serves our impatience, but it also contributes to environmental damage such as waterways pollution, crop yield damage through chemical burns, increased air pollution through nitrogen and carbon dioxide, and even soil acidification which jeopardises future harvests.

According to research carried out in 2019, over a quarter of Britons (27%) cited the environment in their top three issues facing the country, with health coming in at 32%.

This Mother Earth Day, we want to challenge you to make not only healthy choices for yourself and your family, but for the environment too. Let’s explore further how you can do that.


Fresh turmeric benefits

Fresh turmeric has long been used in Indian and Chinese medicines to heal wounds, treat skin conditions, and reduce inflammations and infections. It’s been shown to have many beneficial properties, from immune system boosting to mental health benefits.

Turmeric powder is made from drying, peeling, and boiling the root, so a lot of the organic benefits are lost. It is great to use in curries for flavour and for supplementary vitamin value, but it won’t be the optimum deliverance you could be receiving.

Therefore, it’s important to take supplementary products to make sure you’re doing all you can to reap the fresh turmeric benefits you need. Our shot boxes, for example, have harnessed the raw ingredient of the turmeric root and the curcumin contained inside without jeopardising any of its nutritional value.

Find out more about the science behind our shots.


How organic turmeric interacts with other ingredients

Organic turmeric and black pepper

Organic turmeric and black pepper interact extremely well, which is why we use piperine extract (from black pepper) in our shots. The addition of black pepper has been shown to increase the absorption of organic turmeric curcumin by up to 2000%, making sure you can get the most from your supplementary shot in the morning. Shop the shots.


Organic turmeric with ginger and black pepper

Organic turmeric with ginger and black pepper is another great combination that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant effects. This is why we offer Raw Turmeric Original and Raw Turmeric & Ginger shots boxes , so you can receive the fiery zest of both organic turmeric curcumin and ginger.

Ground turmeric in a bowl

How to use fresh turmeric in day-to-day meals

If you’re a lover of Indian food, then using fresh turmeric is going to be very easy. Turmeric is one of the hallmark spices of traditional Indian cuisine, and it’s claimed that the average Indian diet provides around 2,000 -2,500mg of turmeric (which is around 60-100mg of curcumin) a day.

However, dried turmeric spices contain around 3% curcumin compared to 95% curcumin in pure extracts. This means it might be difficult to get your suggested daily dose in one evening meal.

Still, it’s fun to experiment with recipes! You could try some of our favourites:


Must-try recipes using fresh turmeric:


Fresh turmeric shelf life and how to store it

Organic turmeric keeps encouragingly well if you’ve bought or grown your own for recipes and smoothies. Its shelf life in a fridge will last for a few weeks, and if you freeze it then it can last for up to 6 months.

All you need to do, in either case, is wash the root and dry it with a paper towel, before putting it in a sealable bag and storing it in the fridge or freezer. Dehydrating and blending it is one way of extending your fresh turmeric’s shelf life, but this does of course strip some of its fresh goodness.


How The Turmeric Co. stays environmentally responsible

Our new packaging is made from 75% recycled plastic and 25% biodegradable plastic, and is therefore fully recyclable. If your area has limited recycling capabilities, then all you need to do is return the insulation, ice packs, and even your bottles in the box back to us and we’ll do the legwork for you.


So, in a world that is always striving for the next freshest, healthiest, greenest thing, opt for a product you can trust as having all 3 of those. We’re committed to environmentally responsible packaging and production without compromising on fresh ingredients.

Shop our range of shots today.

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