The Lemon Health Benefits you Need to Know About

When life hands you lemons, we strongly advise you to take them! Renowned for their incredible health benefits, lemons have been at the top of people’s shopping lists for years. From squeezing them onto pancakes, adding them to a delicious risotto or enjoying a hot lemon water in the morning – there are a huge number of ways to incorporate lemons into your diet.

But what exactly are the lemon health benefits and how could they help you?

Lemons are Full of Vitamin C

Just like their relative the orange, lemons are full of vitamin C. Just 15ml of lemon juice contains a whopping 6mg of vitamin C, which is 15% of your recommended daily intake!

Vitamin C is an incredibly important vitamin which needs to be consumed every day as it cannot be stored by the body. The health benefits of vitamin C include:

  • It’s a powerful antioxidant which can help to protect against free radical damage and oxidative stress, as well as helping to fight inflammation.
  • It has been said to lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Vitamin C can help to support immunity, encouraging the production of white blood cells which help to fight infection.

Whether you add a hot lemon water to your morning routine or add a squeeze of lemon to your food – you’ll be well on your way to hitting your vitamin C target for the day.

They Could Lower the Risk of Stroke

Studies have suggested that lemons could help to lower the risk of an ischemic stroke in women thanks to the high concentration of flavonoids.

A Lemon cut in half

Additionally, the consumption of vitamin C has been linked to a lower risk of stroke, so it’s definitely worth adding a lemon or two to your shopping basket.

Suffering from Anemia? Lemons can Help!

Anemia, or iron deficiency, is a common health problem which occurs when the body does not receive enough iron. We know what you’re thinking – lemons aren’t high in iron, so how can they help with anemia?

Although they contain little to no iron, lemons can help the body to absorb iron from plant-based foods, helping to reduce the risk of anemia. This is because of the high levels of vitamin C (we told you it was important!), which can improve the body’s ability to absorb iron from fruits and vegetables.

Whether you add lemon juice to your spinach salad or enjoy some hot lemon water with your tofu scramble in the morning – consuming iron-rich plant foods alongside a few squeezes of lemon can dramatically increase absorption.

Lemons Promote Healthy Digestion

Perhaps one of the more well-known lemon juice benefits is that it can aid digestion. Drinking hot lemon juice first thing in the morning is an Ayurvedic ritual which has been said to stimulate digestion, allowing waste to move easily through the digestive system.

A tall glass of lemon water

Additionally, if you’re able to tolerate the sour taste of lemon, then your digestive system may benefit from juiced lemon (rind and all!). This is because lemons are high in a soluble fibre called pectin, which helps to promote healthy gut bacteria, along with the citric acid which can improve digestion.

Simply add a little honey to sweeten the deal and enjoy sipping on juiced lemon to get your digestive system in tip-top condition.

They Contribute Towards Skin Health

Whether you’re always jumping on the latest skincare trends, or you’re simply looking to add a little glow to your complexion – lemon juice might just be the ingredient you’re looking for. Some of the biggest benefits of lemons for skin include:

  • They promote an even complexion thanks to the high levels of vitamin C.
  • Lemons boast antimicrobial effects, which could help with inflammatory acne.
  • Due to their acidic nature, lemons can work as an exfoliant which could alleviate dandruff.
  • With high levels of antioxidants, lemons could help to maintain collagen levels within the skin.

If you want to reap some of the skincare benefits of lemon, look out for ingredients containing Citrus Limon, such as Citrus Limon Fruit Oil and Citrus Limon Fruit Water.

Lemons Could Aid Weight Loss

For those on a weight loss journey, lemons may be the helping hand you need. It’s thought that the polyphenol antioxidants found in lemons can help to reduce weight gain. Additionally, the antioxidants can help to improve blood glucose levels to reduce insulin resistance.

weight loss standing on scales

Although more studies are required, adding a few slices of lemon to your diet is certainly worth trying.

If the sour taste of lemon isn’t quite to your liking, you can still incorporate lemon into your diet! All of our raw turmeric shots contain lemon juice as a natural preservative, so not only can they help you to reap some of the benefits of lemons, but you can take advantage of the benefits of turmeric too! Explore our range of turmeric shots today.

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