What do you get when you cross a lifetime of riding horses with two c-sections?

A 28 year old/mama/show jumper/regular girl that is so stiff when she wakes up in the morning that she walks like a penguin.

I’m Jessie Drea. I started riding when I was four years old, and after multiple broken bones and years in the saddle, feeling sore and coping with day to day aches and pains used to just be part of my life.

After two returns to the sport after my babies and a little too long a period of burning the candle at both ends, I remember one night (a couple of months ago) laying in bed feeling completely and utterly drained. I was scrolling through Facebook, as you do when you should probably be asleep, and I came across a video of Tina Cook speaking about the amazing benefits she’d had from these shot from The Turmeric Company. I’d heard of turmeric, my Mum has tried to force feed me various turmeric tablets and capsules for years as she’d read so many good reviews, but I’ve never really been one for believing in real benefits from natural products. However, that night, whether it was the glistening review from Tina or the shear agony of my existence I don’t know, but I ordered my first box of shots from The Turmeric Company.

It was easy to order and they arrived very quickly. I had zero expectations of the results, and I was more concerned with the taste of them to be quite honest, which was surprisingly nice! Strong, don’t get me wrong. I decided after minimal research that the most effective time to take my new wonder potion was at the very beginning of the day, and at 7am raw Turmeric tastes particularly powerful. However, after a few days, the flavour of the shot every morning was something I woke up looking forward to. This stuff was genuinely addictive, regardless of whether it was doing any good.

It was probably a week or so after my first order, that I noticed that my arthritis (both knees, one elbow and my neck) wasn’t any where near as bad as usual. My mid afternoon lull wasn’t quite so apparent and life just generally seemed a little easier than usual. I didn’t even associate this with the turmeric, as I said, I had no expectations. I just felt well. It wasn’t until a couple of days later whilst taking my morning shot that every clicked (and I don’t mean my knees for once!) The magic was working! Tina Cook was right! This stuff was genius. Life changing. I messaged The Turmeric Company right away, to tell them that their product was even more incredible than they say!

So, I have a new routine now. I start my day with a turmeric shot, my personal favourite being the Original flavour, the more you have it the better it is. I went a few days without it recently as I was away and forgot my stash and wow.. the difference without it was even more apparent having felt the benefits. I really hope that more people start to introduce The Turmeric Company shots into their daily routine and feel the benefits like I have. I’ve stopped taking all my prescription pain killers, my mood is better, my gut health has greatly improved and I feel far healthier overall.

I want to say a huge thank you to The Turmeric Company, you’ve transformed me back into the athlete I truly am. And the best part? I know longer wake up and walk like a penguin.

Jessie x

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