Humans run on electricity.

Strange concept, isn’t it?

Strange, but true – electrolytes are extremely important to a functioning nervous-system as well as supporting neurological functions.

Sports drinks have been around for a little while now and have always used electrolyte gains as their selling point. But what exactly are they, why do we need them and how else can we keep them topped up? Let’s investigate!


What are electrolytes?

There are three main electrolytes that our bodies use – sodium, potassium and chloride. There are others, however, including calcium, magnesium, zinc and more.

They work by reacting with water to create an electronic pulse that sends information around the body so that the brain can communicate with our organs and muscles.

Electrolytes are essential for the body to function and repair.


How can I keep topped up naturally?

1. Green vegetables

The doctor certainly wasn’t lying! Cabbage, spinach and avocado, among others, of course, continue to make top pro-health lists. Throw some Kale into that smoothie to instantly add electrolytes in the form of magnesium, potassium and calcium.


2. Sea salt

By now we all naturally associate salt with sodium. However, sea salt specifically will also top up your levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium. Swap out your regular table salt for some quality Himalayan salt – increasingly available in supermarkets – and that’s another step towards a happier body and mind!


3. Bananas

A powerhouse of potassium. Just one banana alone each day packs a punch with a welcome dose of added electrolytes. Eating a banana with your breakfast or as an afternoon snack will really help you get the most out of the day.


4. Greek Yoghurt

Yoghurts and other dairy products are an excellent source of calcium. No awards for knowing that already! However, yoghurt is also rich in phosphate, which is an electrolyte great at producing energy. 

Another great thing about yoghurt, is that you can easily add other delicious and electrolyte-rich foods to it – like bananas – to get well and truly mentally and physically prepared for those impending tasks.


5. Coconut water

One of the latest trending ‘superfoods’, and with good reason. Rich in potassium electrolytes, great for hydration and low in sugar, too. If possible, crack open a whole coconut and drink it fresh! Failing that, a Wholefoods will be just fine!

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