The Turmeric Co. brings its sunshine-hued shots to the box in Channel 4 TV ad.

The award-winning functional health brand has secured a prime spot on screens across the UK, thanks to Channel 4 and Lloyds Bank’s Black in Business initiative.

Black in Business marks a powerful collaboration between Channel 4 and Lloyds Bank, showcasing and amplifying the voices of Black-owned businesses in the UK.  


 Founded by Thomas ‘Hal’ Robson-Kanu, The Turmeric Co., renowned for its ethically sourced, high-quality turmeric blends, and is a shining example of the talent and innovation within the Black community.

Thomas’ journey is an inspiration in itself. After a bad knee injury and countless ineffective pain-relief solutions, Thomas, along with his father, embarked on a journey to explore natural remedies.

Turmeric kept popping up in their research, and its potential benefits were simply astonishing. Using raw turmeric as the base, Thomas and his father embarked on a long road of experimentation with various functional ingredients before eventually striking gold with the formula that now fills hundreds of The Turmeric Co. bottles every day.

So, what can you expect from the ad?

Get ready for a vibrant and punchy advert that captures the essence of The Turmeric Co.'s story.

Featuring comedienne and Loose Women regular, Judi Love, this snappy creative takes the viewer ‘behind the scenes’ of The Turmeric Co., playing on the fresh essence of the best-selling Raw Turmeric & Ginger formula.

But this is more than just an advert!

This advert is a celebration of Black talent, entrepreneurial spirit, and the power of community.

It's a reminder that with support and opportunities, Black-owned businesses can thrive and enrich our lives with their unique offerings.

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