Performance Shot Box, Turmeric Original Shot and Raw Turmeric and Beetroot Shot
Turmeric Co Raw Turmeric Original Shot
Turmeric Co Raw Turmeric and Beetroot Shot
Performance Shot Box, Turmeric Original Shot and Raw Turmeric and Beetroot Shot Turmeric Co Raw Turmeric Original Shot Turmeric Co Raw Turmeric and Beetroot Shot
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Turmeric & Beetroot Everyday Performance Shot Box



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Our box of performance shots contains a 50/50 split between our Turmeric Original and Turmeric & Beetroot shots. Turmeric contains a powerful compound called Curcumin, a renowned antioxidant containing Fibre, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Regular consumption of this incredible ingredient in its rawest form is a must. Each of our shots contains 35g of the cold-pressed raw root – making them uniquely potent compared with any other product on the market.

Best taken on an empty stomach, these shot blends are a functional way to support performance training. Created with the help of professional nutritionists and used by elite athletes, including the England Rugby Team, these shots offer significant value for the frequency and intensity of your workouts.

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    Raw Turmeric Root

    An earthy root, freshly extracted, with a distinct taste and texture, best served raw

    • Contains powerful Polyphenols
    • Helps maintain a healthy immune system
    • Low in fatty-acids
    • Excellent source of natural bioavailable Curcumin

    Fresh Beetroot

    An elite addition to your nutrition, a real garden beet unrefined and raw.

    • Phenomenal Nitrate Source
    • A great source of Manganese and Folate
    • Extremely low in carbs
    • Increased ability for exercise

    Each ingredient in our shots is chosen specifically for its nutritional benefits.

    Turmeric is known to be one of nature’s most potent root vegetables – that’s why it’s in everything we make. Whether you’re an athlete, gym goer or simply keeping an eye on your mental and physical well being, our performance shots combine the power of turmeric and beetroot to help you reach your potential. Beetroot's nitrate content converts to nitric oxide in the body, relaxing blood vessels and promoting natural blood flow and oxygen to working muscles, making it the perfect pre-activity shot. These have been used extensively in this way by elite athletes, including the England Rugby Team to support performance before intense exercise, as well as recovery from it.

    Original Ingredients: WATERMELON, TURMERIC ROOT (30%), PINEAPPLE, LEMON, FLAX OIL, BLACK PEPPER. No sweeteners, No Apple Juice, No Water, No Preservatives.

    Beetroot Ingredients: WATERMELON, TURMERIC ROOT (30%), BEETROOT (15%), POMEGRANATE, LEMON, GINGER ROOT, PARSLEY, FLAX OIL, BLACK PEPPER. No sweeteners, No Apple Juice, No Water, No Preservatives.

    Nutrition Table applies to Turmeric Original

    per 100ml per 60ml
    Energy 156kJ 94kJ
    Energy 37kcal 23kcal
    Fat 0.3g 0.18g
    of which saturates 0.05g 0.03g
    Carbohydrates 7.9g 4.8g
    Sugars 7.5g 4.5g
    Protein 0.61g 0.37g
    Salt <0.01g <0.01g

    A scientific approach to powerful nutrition

    While all of our shots are designed to support wellbeing and peak performance as efficiently as possible, these two variations are best in supporting high-performance routines.

    Our performance shots are developed using a high-pressure cold press which helps ensure we do not lose any nutritional value when making each one, delivering a powerful and nutritious range. At The Turmeric Co., we don’t take shortcuts. Our focus is always on delivering the highest quality product to our customers as conveniently as possible. Not all “functional foods” offer a functional benefit in supporting performance. Many shots on the market contain high amounts of sugar or cheap fillers like water or apple juice.

    Our founder, professional footballer Thomas Robson-Kanu, started the business after this recipe, developed over ten years ago, helped him recover from a potentially career-ending injury as a youngster. He defied medical expectations and is now playing some of the best football in his career – in his thirties. Many of our customers experience the benefits of our recipe almost immediately. Daily consumption of our shots will help you live each day at the peak of your performance and wellbeing.

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    Fast, tracked delivery and easy returns


    Our objective at The Turmeric Co. is to ensure you receive your order, delivered as securely and efficiently as is possible. Our third party overnight courier company will deliver your order to you, we aim for this to be the day after your products were made fresh in our bespoke production facility. For orders placed before 1pm we aim to deliver the next working day. We do our best to ensure your product arrives on time, freshly made, chilled to perfection and packed in a way that is enjoyable to open. Delivery methods:

    • FREE Delivery on orders above £30
    • £3.50 Standard delivery on orders under £30
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    Upon receipt of your order you must chill and refrigerate your products immediately. Our products are freshly made and we recommend consuming them as soon as possible after delivery to fully enjoy the freshness of the product. The shelf of our drinks is a minimum of 42 days post production and the use by date will be displayed on each bottle. We go to lengths to ensure our drinks are delivered to you chilled with an ambient buffer period and fresh at significant cost to us to ensure your customer satisfaction. For more information please see Delivery and Returns.

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    Tips to follow to get the most out of your Turmeric Co. Shots

    Our shots are a powerful natural addition to your daily routine. To feel the longer-term benefits of our range, we recommend drinking one shot each day, an integral addition to a healthy ritual. Many of our customers enjoy taking their shot first thing in the morning or immediately after any activity.


    Our shots are made FRESH, and we distribute them in chilled packaging. When they arrive, unpack your box and refrigerate the bottles right away to keep them fresh.

    • Refridgerate

      Unpack your box of shots and keep them in the fridge

    • Drink!

      We recommend 1 shot each morning, best taken on an empty stomach - Although this part is completely up to you (Shake well before opening)

    • Hot Tip

      Why not try pouring your favourite shot into a mug of boiling water with a squeeze of lemon and honey, or add directly to your bowl of porridge in the mornings

    • Recycle

      The box insulation and icepack can be returned back to us. The bottles are also 100% recyclable


    Does turmeric powder have the same nutritional benefit as the root?

    Although dried turmeric might make a great addition to a curry or tea, its nutritional content has been found to be far inferior to that of the fresh root. This is down to the increased levels of the active ingredient ‘curcumin’ found in the root. In order to get the same benefit you would from one of our shots, you would have to eat far more of the powder than would be realistic as part of a balanced diet.

    Will I get the same nutritional benefit from this as your other shots?

    Although we have other shots that combine some highly nutritious ingredients you won’t find in this one, the ingredients in our original shot are in their own right a fabulous addition to your daily diet.

    Can I mix this shot with other flavours?

    Absolutely! When ordering online, we have multi-buy options where you can mix and match your order. Check the other FAQs to see product specific information on the individual benefits of each flavour to help inform your choices.

    Our NEW plastic bottles are made of entirely eco-friendly material, produced from 75% recycled plastic (rPET) and 25% biodegradable plastic, developed from sugar cane instead of environmentally damaging fossil fuels, and are therefore fully recyclable. It’s the only environmentally friendly solution for our 100% fresh cold-pressed products that are naturally preserved under HPP to retain freshness.


    We’d love your help by participating in our recycling initiative. Return the insulation and ice packs in your box, and even your bottles. Print out your prepaid envelope (the link for this can be found in your order confirmation email, or request the link directly from us here with your order number in the subject). And take your recycling bag to your local Royal Mail office with your label attached.

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