Are you worried about the side effects of turmeric? Let’s sort the facts from the fiction.

Make no mistake about it – turmeric is an undisputedly nutritious ingredient to add to your diet.

But as the popularity of this naturally powerful root has exploded, the number of side effects being reported has also increased.

Side effects are most commonly reported by people who take turmeric in its pill or powder form and a simple switch to a natural alternative can make all the difference.

Read on to find out why turmeric may be causing you problems, and what we can do about it!

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Should your turmeric be causing side effects?

In short, no.

From your immune system to your mental health, turmeric’s natural benefits are numerous. And unless you have an incredibly rare, unknown allergy to this super root, it shouldn’t be giving your body any problems at all.

Why then, are there so many reported cases of people complaining about side effects?

3 Common Causes of Turmeric Side Effects

Are you experiencing side effects? The Turmeric Co.’s got your back. We’re going to look at 3 potential reasons why your body might be rebelling against turmeric:

1. Low-quality, corner-cutting products

Curcumin, the powerful active ingredient in turmeric, is contained within its root.

By far the best way to get curcumin out of the root and into your supplement is by cold-pressing it. This involves squeezing the root between two chilled presses, which yields a fresh, natural, raw juice easily absorbed by the body – this is the process we use in our products).

Sadly, this method is neither quick nor cheap. It requires expensive extraction equipment and takes a lot longer than other processes. Manufacturers of pills, powders and even some chilled shots often work off thin margins, leading many to cut corners with less efficient, cheaper methods of extraction.

Some money-motivated manufacturers pump extremely high quantities of curcumin into their pills and powders to make up for the amount lost in an inefficient extraction process – this can result in a curcumin content that might be far too high for your body to handle.

So, if you’re experiencing an upset stomach or even headaches from your turmeric supplements, this might be why.

2. Questionable ingredients...

Read the label. If it’s turmeric you’re after and you see anything other than curcumin or piperine on there and you don’t know what it is, don’t take it until you do!

Stacked ingredients can often have a multiplying effect. While stacking can have nutritional benefits, any irritation you experience can also be multiplied.

The bottom line is – if your supplement is a medley of minerals and mysterious micronutrients, keep it simple and find something more natural.

3. Shady advertising is shaking you down!

It might come as a bit of a shock – but a lot of companies are out there just to make a quick buck! And no matter how pretty the glass bottle, or how intricate the hand drawn illustration on the label, it’s what’s inside that counts!

In fact, a surprising number of health drinks are crammed with refined sugars, caffeine and other unwanted ingredients. These are often designed to simulate the natural uplift associated with the consumption of turmeric.

If turmeric supplements are giving you grief, consider trying one without the nasty ingredients that might have been sneaked into what looked to you like a healthy product.

Why our shots are the safer bet.

So, your current turmeric supplement is causing you problems – what can you do about it?

If you’re experiencing side effects from turmeric, you should consult a medical professional first – just to rule out anything else.

Secondly, try our shots.

Our range is made from nothing except 100% fresh, cold-pressed turmeric and other natural ingredients. Our shots have been through hundreds of iterations and with the help of top nutritionists, now contain optimal doses of curcumin and piperine – to make sure you see the benefits without giving your body any unwanted surprises.

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