Refund Policy

Upon receipt of your order you must chill and refrigerate your products immediately. Our products are freshly made and we recommend consuming them as soon as possible after delivery to fully enjoy the freshness of the product. The shelf of our drinks is a minimum of 42 days post production and the use by date will be displayed on each bottle. We go to lengths to ensure our drinks are delivered to you chilled with an ambient buffer period and fresh at significant cost to us to ensure your customer satisfaction.

If our products are not stored correctly, they may perish sooner than the use by date on the bottle. We will not be held responsible if this is the case.

If you do not let us know of any issues with your order at the point of delivery we reserve the right not to replace or refund your order. If upon delivery of your order there is anything untoward you must contact us here.

Upon receipt of your order you are fully responsible for the condition of it, thus checks should be carried out immediately upon delivery.

The Turmeric Co. prides ourselves on the quality of service we provide, from order experience to order receipt, from order delivery to the freshness of our products when consumed. Your delivery instructions are imperative to us fulfilling your order to the standards we adhere to. We are not responsible for any adverse weather, traffic, or third party negligence which has caused a delay or cancellation in your order.

As our merchandise is a Fresh product we cannot exchange under ‘change of mind’ due to the distribution chain being broken, however we can offer a coupon on any new order, please contact our Customer Service Team here for further information.

We reserve the right at our discretion to compensate or withhold any order or payment received which was incorrectly placed, we will however try our best and be as understanding of the situation as possible. We will not be held responsible for any delay or losses in the event of any order placed with incorrect information. We reserve the right to cancel any order placed and do so within a timeframe of our discretion.

If there is ever a technical problem where we require the need to suspend our services and an order has been placed you will be contacted with an update of your order and information on the fulfilment of it.