How our shots can help keep your immune system fighting fit.

Whilst we're all doing our best to avoid catching a common cold or flu, there are several known ways you can certainly help to prevent yourself from contracting these and other sorts of ailments. The easiest way to do this is by building your immunity using natural ingredients proven to strengthen your defences, as well as ensure you're listening to your body as often as possible – staying hydrated and well-rested. With our range of shots, we are committed to providing the most naturally nutritious products we possibly can. Although at their conception we developed them to assist in performance and recovery, the combination of the ingredients in our shots make them exceptionally robust in their nutritional makeup – especially when it comes to keeping your immune system strong.


The star ingredient across our entire range and the reason behind our business' success, turmeric is an incredibly powerful, natural ingredient. Science is now starting to show that the holistic medicinal properties of this super root are based in evidence, after being used in ancient medicine for thousands of years.

Turmeric's active ingredient – curcumin – is a potent anti-inflammatory and a strong antioxidant. This compound plays a crucial role in helping your body fight the low-level inflammation that can cause a variety of chronic illnesses – pretty impressive for a humble root!

Since turmeric is so potent in combatting low-level chronic inflammation, it can be of real benefit to supporting immunity. Relieving the body of the stress of this inflammation can free up energy to be used in fighting infection and foreign bodies. To realise the benefits of curcumin, combining it with black pepper or piperine is essential – as this can increase its absorption by 2000% - An essential ingredient found in all of our shots.


Ginger is well known for treating colds and flu. Given its distinctive, dominant taste, it's one of those ingredients that always feels like it’s doing the job! But that 'feeling' is more than just psychological – ginger is proven across many fields to reduce nausea, and used to help fight common colds and flu.

Ginger too can activate T-cells – a crucial part of the adaptive immune system. Unfortunately, our body's production of T-cells reduces over the years and so regularly consuming ingredients such as ginger, that can keep these levels up, is always beneficial. Natural additions to your diet are necessary to replace the essential proteins your Thymus Gland no longer produces – consumption of fresh ginger is a great way to do this.

The main bioactive compound in ginger – gingerol – is responsible for much of its "super-food" status. Especially so when fighting viral infection – ginger can inhibit the growth of bacteria pretty drastically and is a fantastic thing to include as part of your diet, in a bid to keep infection at bay.


While probably not the tastiest fruit to eat whole(!), lemons are a fantastic source of Vitamin C, which is a crucial vitamin, and antioxidant, that helps support the functions of the immune system. Packed full of minerals and essential oils, lemons have an array of health benefits. Since they're pretty sour when consumed on their own, we include squeezed fresh lemon in all of our shots, also acting as a natural preservative - to give our customers the nutritional benefit from this exotic citrus fruit.

The potassium contained in lemons help boost the immune system as well as ward off infection. Squeezed lemon juice can help balance the pH in the body, which is known to fortify immunity and maintain good health. Lemons also help the body to detoxify and get rid of illness-promoting agents naturally and are therefore a must in any routine aiming to boost immunity.


Consuming a balanced diet full of natural ingredients to ensure optimum levels of nutrition, is fast becoming a sure-fire way to shield the body and enhance our pre-built body's defence mechanisms. At a cellular level, this is essential, as we wage an unseen war daily, against free-radicals, viruses and bacteria, all of which are common part of everyday life.

Numerous surveys have shown convenience is the most significant factor preventing regular consumption of optimum levels of those key 'immunity boosting' natural ingredients, some of which are highlighted above. There are easier ways to get fresh lemon, ginger and turmeric into your diet, without feeling like a 'start-up' grocery store.

Our turmeric-based shots contain a healthy dose of them all, along with the other wonderful ingredients included inside every fresh 60ml bottle. They're a brilliant way to help keep your defences up, no matter how busy you are; and offer the convenience of taking an immunity-boosting shot, on-the-go, at any time of the day.

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What People Are Saying About Our Turmeric Shots

“I started taking the turmeric shots about two weeks ago and I must say feel a lot better in myself, my immune system was far from great but I feel much better in just two weeks unbelievable how a little product can improve so much in so little time. “ - Dean

"Can't recommend The Turmeric Co highly enough. Great quality products & fantastic, friendly team behind the company and customer service. Highly effective & versatile products with a wealth of health benefits." - Flo