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Choose options of either 14 or 28 powerful shots made from high quality fresh turmeric root. Each shot uses 35g strongest on the market.

Why Do You Need Our Natural Turmeric Shots?

As you've probably heard several times over, lots of pain and diseases in the body are either inflammation or caused by inflammation one way or the other. For those reasons alone, it makes sense to include an anti-inflammatory supplement in your daily diet to help prevent or help the body deal with inflammation in the body.

Turmeric contains curcumin, known as a potent anti-inflammatory compound which can help fight infection, reduce inflammation and boost your immune system; which is also found in our shots. If curcumin is extracted incorrectly, its nutritional benefits are basically null.

Through our unique extraction and production processes, we are able to multiply the absorption of curcumin in the body by almost 2000 times!

Turmeric, along with all the other amazing high quality natural ingredients we include in our shots, make it one of the most effective and easiest ways to consume curcumin and enjoy its health benefits.

Here's what customers are saying...

I can't recommend these enough for aiding my performance & recovery in the gym as well as helping to boost my immune system. They are part of my everyday routine & I have now even got family members using them too! My favourite flavour has to be the turmeric & ginger.... It definitely gives you a little warm kick, especially great on a cold morning!

- Flo

I have been taking the Turmeric shots for about 6 months , I was suffering with a lot more pain lower back and around my finger joints due to working on 30 plus people a week , I have been in s lot less pain and can go longer with my days after taking the shots 2 times a day . I would highly recommend them for anybody trying to look for a healthy alternative to pain medication , It will definitely help recovery times from aching muscles believe me with my busy working life style .

- Ian

I’ve had a complex tear of the cartilage in my knee for nearly 18months and have been in either pain or discomfort for most of that period, until!!!!!! The first shot of turmeric! I couldn’t believe the immediate effect ! My knee felt normal! I was still thinking that it was just my mind playing tricks but no it really really works. One shot a day has helped me live normally again, ok the injury surely hasn’t disappeared but relief from pain and hassle is a life changer! I fully appreciate turmeric shots might not be for everyone but you have to give it a go and see for yourself.

- Mark

I've been drinking The Tumeric Co. shots for a few months now, and regularly receive my daily shots via their subscription service. In the early days it wasn't so obvious to know if changes to my daily routine, and increased wellbeing were reasons enough for feeling generally less stiff and sore (I've suffered with back and joint pains for years). But after a short summer break from the shots, when I returned to regular daily use, I find a shot a day helps take the edge of any joint inflammation and soreness

- Andrew

Developed over the last 10 years

Through his research Rechi, Hal’s father quickly identified the potential incredible benefits and abilities of raw Turmeric root. He immediately went to work on creating a product with the assistance of old literature and advice from experts that would boost and enhance the wellbeing of his Son and support his rehabilitation. He created a unique extraction process, which significantly reduces dilution of the wet Turmeric root juice potency and combined it with other super foods with no added sugar to produce a delicious blend. Turmeric is notoriously difficult to work with but using his unique extraction method and through the additions of other carefully selected and researched super foods and fruits a finished delicious and nutritious product was created.

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