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A turmeric shot a day keeps the aches and pains away.

Ease pestering ailments and reclaim your life with “shots of magic” from The Turmeric Co. — made with 100% raw ingredients.

  • 28 turmeric shots

    £1.25 per shot

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  • Raw Turmeric Original
  • Raw Turmeric & Ginger
  • Raw Turmeric & Beetroot

100% raw ingredients

Relieves joints

Packed with antioxidants

Boosts immunity

Increases energy levels & focus

Make the most out of life with our award-winning, clinically-backed formula. Blended with 35g of potent raw turmeric root per shot.


Raw Turmeric Original

Watermelon, Turmeric Root (30%), Pineapple, Lemon, Flax Oil, Black Pepper. No sweeteners, No Apple Juice, No Water, No Preservatives.

Raw Turmeric & Ginger

Watermelon, Turmeric Root (30%), Ginger Root (10%), Pineapple, Pomegranate, Lemon, Flax Oil, Black Pepper. No sweeteners, No Apple Juice.

Raw Turmeric & Beetroot

Watermelon, Turmeric Root (30%), Beetroot (15%), Pomegranate, Lemon, Ginger Root, Flax Oil, Black Pepper. No sweeteners, No Apple Juice, No Water, No Preservatives.

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Backed by science.

A natural, award-winning formula that actually works.

Premium Raw Ingredients

Premium Raw Ingredients

Endorsed by Nutritionists

Endorsed by Nutritionists

Clinically Validated


Made In The UK

Made In
The UK


“The most effective turmeric shots on the market”

35g of raw turmeric root

23 calories per serving

Flax oil


Backed by clinical trials

Great Taste Award Winner


Standard shot

As low as 7g of turmeric

Up to 70 calories per serving

No essential fats for absorption

Synthetic ingredients

No proven benefits

Sugary, artificial taste

Why The Turmeric Co.?

100% Raw Ingredients

Clinically Validated

Powerful Antioxidant

Eco-Friendly Bottles

Boosts Immunity

Made in the UK

100% Raw Ingredients

Clinically Validated

Powerful Antioxidant

Eco-Friendly Bottles

Boosts Immunity

Made in the UK

100% Raw Ingredients

Clinically Validated

Powerful Antioxidant

Eco-Friendly Bottles

Boosts Immunity

Made in the UK

Got questions? Ask away!

How many shots do you recommend per day, and when and how should I take them?

We recommend taking 1 to 2 shots in the morning, on an empty stomach or drink it as part of your breakfast. You can also consume them before/after exercising, during/after a meal, or at the end of the day. Customers leading active lifestyles consume between 2 to 4 shots per day, to support their nutritional needs. Enjoy them alone, add them to a smoothie, or pour them into warm water (no hotter than 60°) accompanied by lemon and honey to create turmeric tea.

How soon will I see results?

While the effects can vary from person to person, some customers have reported feeling better and more energetic after just 1 week. You will feel results within 90 days of taking your shots everyday.

Are these safe for athletes?

Yes, our range of shots are made in a state-of-the-art HQ in Cambridgeshire, which is BRCGS certified. With a 5-star food production and standard rating and with its sole purpose to create the highest quality of turmeric-based shots. With an AA grade BRCGS, our purpose-built warehouses offer no risk of cross contamination with foreign substances as the only ingredients entering the production facility are fresh. Our products have been used by elite athletes all over the U.K. since launch. For elite athletes we recommend consuming a minimum of 1 to 2 shots per day, however, depending on their needs, some have been consuming up to 4 shots per day.

Are your products suitable for children?

Our products are made with 100% natural ingredients and are safe for children to consume. We recommend consulting with a doctor to understand recommended consumption quantity for children.

Are they vegan?

Yes, all our products are certified vegan.

Can you consume this long term?

Yes, implementing our shots daily into your lifestyle is a fantastic way to up the level of nutrition within your diet. Our founder is an international footballer and has been consuming this range of shots for the last 20+ years. Our customers who have been drinking the shots since we first launched three years ago claim they “would not go a day without them!”.

35 grams is quite a lot of turmeric, is this within the RDA?

The curcumin content of turmeric root is on average 3-5%; our formula contains 35g of raw turmeric, which delivers around 1050-1750mg of curcumin. A recommended dose of curcumin is between 500-2000mg per day, and studies suggest up to 12000mg is considered safe.

Do you have a recycling initiative since there is plastic involved?

Yes! We’re delighted to announce that we have partnered with Evri to bring you our new and improved recycling system. You can now return all your bottles, insulation liners and icepacks within The Turmeric Co. box that they arrived in. All you must do is make sure that the box with all your bits to recycle is sealed. If you no longer have your cardboard box, please feel free to use a sealable bag instead. This service is all for free!

Join the 55,000+ rooting for The Turmeric Co.

I’ve been using these turmeric shots for a few months now and my rheumatoid arthritis flares have lowered significantly, and the fact they taste so good is a massive bonus!! They work really quick too -- I started off with the 7-day sample box, and by the end of that week I felt like a different person!!

Katherine A.

Verified Purchase

Great product, tastes great, too. I’ve been taking a shot after my marathon training runs and feel it aids in my recovery and seems to numb any aches and pains I have.

Jim S.

Verified Purchase

I have been using these shots since March and have definitely seen a difference in the way I feel and in my performance when training. Recovery is quicker and I do not ache and hurt as much as I used to. These are part of my daily routine now and I have noticed a difference when I was unable to take them for a few days due to a delay in my order: I’m so glad to be putting something so natural into my body and seeing the positive effects.

Nicole P.

Verified Purchase

Truly amazed at the power of these shots, I’m almost scratching my head and thinking, what could the ‘magic’ secret ingredient could be? There isn’t one of course and it’s just the power of the combined ingredients - a “natural high” - genuinely remarkable.

Colin F.

Verified Purchase

Absolutely love The Turmeric Co. shots - with my favourite being the Raw Turmeric and Ginger- whether taken as a straight shot or with some hot water, lemon and honey! Ingredient wise, it’s way healthier than the majority of the stuff in the supermarkets with the 35g of turmeric per shot, which helps the inflammation, aches & pains to disappear.

Dejan O.

Verified Purchase

I completed Run London last year, which is a 100-mile bike ride around London. I couldn’t have done it without these turmeric shots!

Scott H.

Verified Purchase