The Turmeric Co. Why Our Shots

Unlike many other turmeric products our unique formula was borne out of necessity, as a family recipe over 15 years ago.

Turmeric root is an incredible ingredient boasting an impressive list of benefits; a root we have studied for many years to understand and ensure we harness the power of this raw ingredient without sacrificing any nutritional value.

Developed over 15 years

During our product development stages, we worked closely with some of the UK's leading nutritionists to perfect our powerful blend, using evidence-based amounts of carefully selected fresh ingredients, each adding further benefits and aiding the increase of absorption.

Our powerful formula contains only raw and fresh turmeric root (35 grams), carefully extracted and delivered in what we know to be a bioavailable form. The addition of raw piperine (an extract of black pepper), which studies have shown can enhance the bioavailability of turmeric by up to 2,000%, combined with Flax Oil (a fat source) ensures maximum absorption, from every single shot.

Who's drinking The Turmeric Co.?

Real people. Real Experiences

"Fantastic company doing a brilliant job, all flavours are amazing - Incredible!"

Olly Murs


"In my sport you can’t afford to be ill, I have to be healthy and fit every single day - a Turmeric Co shot every morning has become my secret weapon!"

Adam Gemili

British Sprinter

"I’ve got a lot of inflammation in my body, I’ve been using these shots for just 10 days, and.. They work!"

Nigel Benn

Ex-Professional Boxer, 2x World Champion

"Massive fan. Products that speed up my recovery are invaluable in my profession. I feel the shots make a significant difference and taste very nice!"

John Barclay

Professional Rugby Player

"These shots have been great for my recovery and immunity"

Johnny Sexton

Professional Rugby Player

"A daily Turmeric Co shot has been really beneficial to my recovery and relief in my joints - Great product!"

Jamaal Lascelles

Captain of Newcastle United FC

Magic in a bottle

Johnny Nelson

Former WBO World Champion

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The ingredient list used within our shots is especially unique to us; as we maintain our core value of producing an effective product which does not sacrifice it’s quality.

Ingredients such as fresh watermelon, the base ingredient used across our range of shots, is rich in powerful polyphenols, low in sugar and extremely high in essential nutrients - Much like the fresh pineapple and pomegranate we also include. For this reason, we do not use any cheap fillers such as apple or orange juice, as they are far higher in sugar and offer no benefit.

The Turmeric Co.’s unique processes, and powerful list of active ingredients has made our range of shots a firm favourite amongst elite athletes, top nutritionists and people from all walks of life throughout the UK, who understand the value a daily shot of turmeric brings, within a bioavailable form.