Turmeric Saved My Career

Thomas ‘Hal’ and his family researched the particular health benefits of fresh turmeric and ginger root. Over 10 years of product development they have produced one of the strongest formulas available with each shot containing 5g of fresh turmeric root.

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A recipe enhanced year on year through a unique extraction technique, eliminated dilution of the incredible active ingredients delivering enriched nutritional properties. A process where these extracts are blended with other natural super foods, makes a delicious finishing product that is 100% bioavailable. The Turmeric Co soon became an aid for Hal, his whole family and close friends, helping them feel more energised through natural nutrition, all whilst enabling him to return to his professional football career stronger and healthier than ever before!


The First Formula

Our original formula is now found in our Nature's Remedy shot. After such a positive impact on all those who tried it, expanding the range was a natural progression, combining the original shot with other ingredients that each held unique properties. New ingredients were researched and tested, and brand new, tasty blends were created. Flavours included turmeric fused with ginger and turmeric fused with coconut.

We’re excited to be releasing further additions to the range in 2019… So watch this space!