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Turmeric shots - Gold 28

Receive 28 shots on a 4 week cycle, never missing a day to have your turmeric kick.

Simply choose the flavours you would like in bundles of 7. You might want one of each flavour, or take two bundles of the same flavour if there is one you particularly favour.

Please click on a box and select the flavour you would like those 7 shots to be.

£88.20 Monthly

When I tried the Turmeric Co shots, I started taking two of them a day for immune boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits. We are always looking at the best way of recovering. As a rugby player, recovery and looking after your body is key. That was kind of my first experience and I fell in love with them. In my mind, anyone who trains or has done professional sports or has any kind of join pain, I think a lot of people are looking for a miracle solution and sadly that does not exist. What you are going to look at is the key corner stones that really help you, and Turmeric Co does that in terms of its anti-inflammatory properties, in terms of trying to reduce joint pain. For me it sits right alongside all the other bits and pieces I would do for recovery.

James Haskell Rugby International


After two ACL reconstructions and onset arthritis as a result, it’s common to live with an aching knee, with restricted movement. These shots, one a day regularly helped relieve my pain and restored better movement. Incredible results!!! Feel 10 years younger. Now the first thing i take each morning.

I cannot recommend these little magic Turmeric shots enough! I have tried a number of juice drinks with ingredients such as Turmeric and Ginger and none are palatable – These are actually enjoyable! Since starting a one a day regime for the last 2 weeks I can definitely feel the difference – My sniffly nose is no longer present and I feel more energetic throughout the whole day. Love them!

Great product! Though I’d try these for my painful knee as I’ve read fresh root turmeric is more effective than the powder tablets. Very surprised by the taste also(delicious and fresh), will be ordering again and see how I get on.

I’m so impressed how delicious this Turmeric drink is!! Great package and amazing health benefits! Will be ordering again!

By far one of the best health products I’ve used. I currently take a daily shot of this product and have noticed a major difference in the reduction of my shoulder joint pain as well as skin clearing of blemishes and acne.

I drink one of these Turmeric shots every single day and absolutely LOVE them. Can’t remember the last time I had a cold. Cant recommend these enough!

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