What is the best way to take turmeric?

It’s a question we hear a lot!

Turmeric is a key ingredient used in many dishes, particularly in South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. However, turmeric is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient that consumers actively look out for because of its benefits, and as such can now be found in everything from tablets and teas to lattes and even popcorn.

But what is the best way to take turmeric in order to ensure that as many of its benefits as possible are efficiently absorbed by your body, and what is the optimum turmeric dosage?

In this blog, we compare the various different ways you can take turmeric, the forms it can come in and weigh up the pros and cons.


The 'correct' turmeric dosage

Studies have shown that doses of up to 2,000mg of curcumin are safe to be consumed and contribute to the body’s natural functions. 

Our core range shots contain 35g of raw turmeric root, with a high concentration of curcumin. Without going into too much mathematical detail, this means each shot contains approximately 1,750mg of curcumin, as well as other compounds and ingredients! 

Taking turmeric in food

turmeric curry

One of the most common ways to up your intake of turmeric is by eating more foods containing the ingredient. Curries like rendang and Goan contain turmeric within their traditional recipes, while more modern foods have recipes purposefully created to include turmeric as a key ingredient - such as crisps and popcorn.  

The pros of taking turmeric within a meal or snack is that it is a convenient way to get more of it into your diet. Particularly if you are not able to take turmeric capsules or not fond of taking them, then this is a way to avoid having to do that while adding a turmeric dosage into your daily diet.

But is this the best way to take turmeric? In short, no. It is difficult to manage exactly how much turmeric your body is getting, as this comes down to the amount of ingredient used, portion size and the proportion of the ingredient compared to the rest of the meal!


Taking turmeric in tablets 

turmeric tablets

Turmeric tablets or turmeric capsules are widely available, but also vary significantly in price and the quality of ingredients. Although it can be difficult to find the right tablet among the myriad of choices, taking a tablet does make it easy to control your dosage and is a very simple and easy way to increase the amount of turmeric in your diet!

As previously mentioned, the biggest downside is that tablets are solids and so your body cannot absorb the nutrients as quickly or effectively as when taken as a liquid or within a liquid capsule!

So why not swap those dull turmeric tablets for a tangy Raw Turmeric Vitamin C & D3 shot instead? Cheers!


Taking turmeric as a shot 

One of the most effective (and flavoursome) ways to ingest a turmeric supplement is to take a liquid shot which contains a high concentration of turmeric. 

Achieving your dose of turmeric in a high-quality blend allows you to benefit from other delicious ingredients. For example, if your turmeric shot contains ginger, you will be ingesting:

  • Thiamine which contributes to the normal function of the heart
  • Riboflavin which contributes to the reduction of fatigue
  • Vitamin C which contributes to the normal function of bones and joints

Nutritious AND delicious!

Turmeric within drinks

Another great way to take turmeric is within a drink, as this means that just like with a shot, the nutrients within turmeric has more chance of being absorbed effectively.

turmeric smoothie with shot turmeric


Drinks such as turmeric tea, smoothies, lattes and teas infused with turmeric are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in boutique cafes and restaurants around the country. 

Getting your turmeric juice dosage is easy when all you need to do is add your shot into your morning fruit drink and enjoy!


Turmeric in oils

Did you know that turmeric can also be found in essential and aromatherapy oils?

There’s very little concrete science to support the use of aromatherapy oils to absorb the benefits of any active ingredients used, but we're sure it'll have a potent aroma!

turmeric oils

Let us be frank - it’s unlikely that you will be effectively supplementing turmeric through an oil, as it really isn't the best way to take turmeric.

However, if you are looking to create a relaxing atmosphere at home, then you can combine turmeric oil with ginger, lemon and nutmeg oils to create a bespoke fresh scent! Or try to blend turmeric oil with lavender, jasmine and ylang-ylang for a relaxing fragrance.  

Raw turmeric

Eating fresh, raw turmeric may be unpleasant due to the strength of flavour and texture, but it does allow you to be precise with your intake.

There are numerous ways to eat your dose of raw turmeric, including as a powder or freshly grated! But to improve the taste and also ensure it is effectively absorbed by your body, we recommend combining turmeric with a liquid such as a flavoured turmeric shot, turmeric tea or smoothie.  

raw turmeric image

The best way to take turmeric

The most effective way to take turmeric is with a liquid, such as in liquid shot form or even blended within a drink or smoothie.  

This is because when you take any vitamin or supplement in a solid form (such as in a tablet or within food) the body needs to break down the solids before the properties of the active ingredients are absorbed.

Did you know that, when mixed with crushed black pepper, the absorption rate of turmeric can raise to 2000%?

We can't argue with the stats!

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