Is Turmeric Good for Colds?

The colder winter months bring with them some of the most anticipated events, from Bonfire Night and Halloween to Christmas and New Year – it’s such an exciting time!  However, Winter also brings something a little less exciting –those dreaded colds and coughs.  

In bed with a cold

There’s nothing worse than sniffling your way through the cold weather, however, there are a couple of steps you can take to help to boost your immunity and either reduce the severity of your cold or help you to avoid catching one altogether! There are some more obvious solutions, such as increasing your vitamin C intake and filling your plate with an abundance of nutritious fruit and vegetables 

However, turmeric is one of the lesser-known purported cold remedies, but why is turmeric good for colds and how do you take it 

Why is Turmeric Good for Colds? 

When the body is chronically inflamed, the immune system is supressed, making you more susceptible to illness and infection. However, due to its supposed anti-inflammatory benefits, turmeric is thought to help keep the immune system functioning properly.   

By simply reducing your levels of inflammation, you’ll be giving your immune system the best chance of keeping you as healthy as possible.  

However, when it comes to boosting your immunity, no single food or drink will offer a magic solution. What will help, however, is consuming an abundance of immunity-boosting foods and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle to potentially reduce your chances of catching those annoying winter sniffles. 

How to Take Turmeric for a Cold

When you think of turmeric, a warming, spicy curry probably springs to mind. Although that might seem like a tasty option, it probably won’t have the desired benefits.  
Turmeric Spice

One of the best ways to take turmeric for a cold is in liquid form. That’s because when turmeric is taken as part of a drink or shot, the body doesn’t have to break down any solids before the nutrients can be absorbed, meaning it is far more bioavailable than foods or tablets.  

Additionally, in order to activate the curcumin – the compound in turmeric which is responsible for its benefits – it needs to be combined with black pepper, as this increases absorption by up to 2,000%.  

So if you were wondering how to take turmeric for a cold, then we’d recommend enjoying a tasty, nutritious raw turmeric shot as part of your daily routine, swapping your usual cuppa for a delicious turmeric tea or sipping on soothing golden milk!   

Ginger and Turmeric Tea for Coughs and Colds  

There’s nothing better than a warming drink when the weather takes a turn – especially if it can help to ward off a winter cold!  
Turmeric Tea

With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory-rich turmeric and ginger, our turmeric tea recipe boasts some incredible health benefits! Having been used for centuries as part of traditional Chinese medicine and Indian ayurvedic medicine, turmeric and ginger make a powerful combination.  

So whether you enjoy an immunity-boosting Raw Turmeric Vitamin C & D3 shot each morning, sip on a warming ginger and turmeric tea throughout the day, or sit down with a mid-afternoon golden milk to replace your caffeine fix – you’ll be giving your immune system the best chance of fighting off bugs and infections this winter.