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Lauren Kennedy

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Personal Trainer, Gymnast & Teacher

Favourite flavour: Turmeric and Ginger!

Interesting Fact: Lauren came back from a severe spinal injury with the help of Turmeric!

Lauren is a Personal Trainer based in “The Training Den” at East London Gymnastics Club. She has experience with pre and post natal training, morbid obesity, gastric bypass patients and elite athletes. She specialises in gymnastics, yoga, and weight loss and also the other end of the spectrum… heavy weight lifting!

Lauren first started using Turmeric to help with her recovery from a career ending spinal injury. She is now an ambassador for the Turmeric Co. because of our super tasty and effective shots which you can’t find anywhere else! (her words not ours). Check out her story here 🙂

You can follow her Instagram @lookgoodwithlauren for regular training videos, nutritional advise and general fitness based information!

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