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Entrepreneur & Presenter

JP Takes On An Incredible Challenge!

Favourite flavour: Turmeric and Ginger!

Interesting Fact: JP Has His Very Own Fitness Clothing Brand!

Josh Patterson was born on the 13 August 1989, making him 28 years old, and he goes by the nickname of JP. Growing up he attended the same school as Prince Charles. As a schoolboy Josh struggled with anxiety and has supported mental health awareness campaigns.

In 2016 JP revealed during an interview on Good Morning Britain that he’s struggled with mental illness, something that we are very passionate about here at TTC. He revealed that he suffered from anxiety and depression from the age of nine-years-old and at one point contemplated suicide, Josh said: “I think it was the fact I was uneducated about mental issues myself. Although I had the symptoms, I didn’t necessarily know how to handle them or move forward.” He added: “When I was diagnosed with anxiety, it was a case of ‘you have anxiety, be on your way’ sort of thing, no real support.

Since battling his way through, JP has now set up a fitness clothing brand and we couldn’t be more proud to have such an awesome human on our team! Feel free to check his stuff out!

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