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7 turmeric benefits for the skin you need to know

Many people are aware of the health benefits that turmeric can provide, but did you know that turmeric is actually great for your skin too?

That’s right, next time you’re in need of a beauty treatment, why not reach for the turmeric instead of an overly expensive beauty cream or wash? Here’s why turmeric is a far better way to keep your skin in top form.

It Can Help Heal Cuts And Sores

Cut your finger in the kitchen or bruised yourself while exercising? Your body can heal on its own, but turmeric can help speed up the process.

Applying a little turmeric powder to the affected area can stop blood from leaking out of cuts and prevent infection. For bruises, turmeric can help improve its appearance and speed up recovery time.

It Can Combat Acne

With so many acne products on the market, it’s hard to know what one is right for you. Before you head out to the shops though, why not try a bit of turmeric to see how it can help combat acne? Turmeric has been found to not only reduce acne but also reduce the appearance of acne scars. Try adding turmeric powder to your face mask and see for yourself!

It Can Prevent Oily Skin

No one likes having oily skin, and turmeric can help ensure your skin retains the right balance of oils it needs to look great.
Turmeric powder contains various fatty acids and phytosterols, all of which contribute to naturally healthy and non-oily skin. A 2012 study even found that turmeric can reduce facial oils by up to 25%!

It Can Keep Your Skin Soft And Glowing

We all want our skin to look its best, and often that simply comes down to its outward appearance. A lot of that comes from how soft and ‘glowing’ our skin looks, and turmeric can help with that. By adding turmeric to your skin, it can help even out your overall skin tone and improve its overall texture. It’s an easy way to ensure your skin can keep looking its best.

It Can Help Reduce Sun Damage

Summer is almost here, and lots of us will be out soaking up the sun’s rays. While sunscreen is always necessary to prevent damage from the sun, turmeric can also enhance your overall protection. Mixing a bit in with your sunscreen will give you that extra layer of protection, meaning you can enjoy the heat without worry.

It’s An Anti-ageing Treatment

Getting older is a natural part of life, but that doesn’t mean we have to look it! Turmeric is great at preventing and limiting the appearance of wrinkles, as well as dark spots and changes in skin pigment. The Immunity and Ageing journal even states that turmeric has many benefits and is a useful ingredient for preventing the ageing process.

It Can Help Against Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that leaves red itchy patches on various parts of the body. To help with the healing process, add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a small amount of water to make a fine paste.
Cover the affected areas with the paste, wrap it in a thin fabric and leave overnight. Wash it off with warm water the morning after, and you just might be surprised at the results.

Make Your Skin The Best It Can Be With Turmeric

Turmeric has numerous benefits for the skin, so if you’re looking to make your skin looks its best, why not try our turmeric supplements?

Available in a variety of sizes, you can be sure you get only the best turmeric for you and your skin.